We are Carolina and Andrés, two professionals in the graphic design and information technology industries. We have been together for more than three years. We decided to jump to the adventure of migrating to New Zealand or Australia. We invite you to follow our blog where you will find information about how to migrate as professionals, travel tips and entries about our experiences.


I am a graphic designer, more than 10 years ago I started working as a freelancer combining it with full time work. My personal objective is to grow in experience as a graphic designer in a dynamic sector, for example video, cinema and animation, as well as improving my English and living in a better country.


I am software developer. My goal is working in my area for NGOs, but I also work on commercial projects. My objective is finding stable work as a developer or team leader. Besides my career goals, I dream of living around nature in a tiny house close enough to a city. I love traveling and documenting my adventures in blogs.